FloRun™ ‘107’

U.S. PVP No. 201100459
High Oleic, Runner-type Peanut Variety

  • Seed Size:
  • Yield: Approximately 5176 lbs./A in Gainesville, FL
  • Market Type: Runner
  • Maturity: 140 Days in Florida

Description: FloRunTM ‘107’ is a, high-oleic, medium maturing (140+/-d) runner market-type peanut. It has smaller seed size similar to that of ‘Georgia Green’ and ‘Florunner’. FloRunTM ‘107’ has shown excellent yield potential in multi-year trials in Alabama, Florida and Georgia and has had grades (TSMK) superior to that of ‘Florida-07’. It has moderate resistance to TSWV and white mold, but is susceptible to late leaf spot. The seed size of FloRunTM ‘107’ makes it attractive and for manufacturers who need a higher percentage of medium kernels for their peanut products (Figure 1). For growers smaller seed reduce seeding costs as compared to the larger seeded varieties like ‘Florida-07’ and ‘Georgia-06G’.

Seed size and grade of FloRunTM ‘107’ compared to 'Florida-07' and 'Georgia-06G'.

Seed size and grade of FloRunTM ‘107’ compared to ‘Florida-07’ and ‘Georgia-06G’.


License Availability: FFSP has non-exclusively licensed the following entities for the production and commercialization of the FloRunTM ‘107’ peanut cultivar:

Birdsong Peanuts

Brooks Peanut Co, Inc.
402 E Main St, Samson, AL 36477
(334) 898-7194