U.S. PVP No. 200800069
High Oleic, Runner-type Peanut Variety

  • Seed Size: Large (~600 seeds/lb. – SMK)
  • Yield Potential: Excellent – similar to ‘Georgia-06G’ (U.S. PVP 200700208)
  • Growth Habit: Prostrate
  • Maturity: 140 Days in Florida under irrigation
  • ‘Florida-07’ is a medium maturity, large seeded, high oleic peanut variety.  It has outstanding pod-yield potential, competitive grades, high oleic oil chemistry, and resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV) and white mold (southern stem rot).  Florida-07 has performed well in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Texas.  The seed size of Florida-07 is larger than that of ‘Georgia Green’ and similar to ‘Georgia-06G’.  Florida-07 has a typical runner growth habit with a semi-prominent central stem and dark green foliage.  Under irrigated conditions in Florida, Florida-07 reaches optimum maturity about 140 days after planting.  Due to the variety’s large seed size, gypsum is recommended, especially when producing seed.

    To view the UF/IFAS Peanut Variety Fact Sheet for ‘Florida-07’, please click here.


    License Availability:  FFSP has non-exclusively licensed the following entity for the production and commercialization of the ‘Florida-07’ peanut cultivar:

    Birdsong Peanuts