Citrus on the Fast Track

Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc. (FFSP), New Varieties Development and Management Corporation (NVDMC), and Citrus Breeders at the University of Florida (UF) Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) have been featured in an article on Growing Magazine‘s webpage outlining UF’s Fast Track release process and NVDMC’s FAST TRACK trial ... Read More

New citrus variety options for Florida growers

Through the cooperative efforts of the New Varieties Development and Management Corporation (NVDMC), UF/IFAS, and Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc. (FFSP), three new UF/IFAS citrus selections will be released to NVDMC’s “Fast Track Program”. In anticipation of the releases, NVDMC is holding a series of meetings around the state to ... Read More

Report: Florida’s fresh fruit & vegetable production

Florida Trend has featured an article outlining the results of Florida TaxWatch‘s report on the fresh fruit & vegetable production in Florida. For more information, and to read the article, please visit Florida Trend‘s website.

‘Tribeca’ tomato new for 2014

The tomato variety ‘Tribeca’ has been featured in Growing Produce’s webpage.  For more information, please visit Growing Produce’s webpage.

Florida’s booming blueberry crop

The Orlando Sentinel has featured an article on and an interview with Southern Hill Farms, a Florida-based blueberry farm. To learn more about this farm and the history of the blueberry industry in central Florida, and to watch the interview, please visit The Orlando Sentinel‘s webpage.

Innovation, timing create sweet spot for Florida blueberries

The Tampa Bay Times has featured an article on the history of the Florida blueberry industry, and the effects that the University of Florida’s blueberry breeding program has had on production. For more information, please visit the Tampa Bay Times’ website.

Four new citrus rootstocks to grow on

Four Citrus Rootstock varieties have been featured on Growing Produce’s webpage.  For more information, please visit Growing Produce’s website.

UF Researchers aim to Improve taste for fruits, vegetables

Researchers at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Plant Innovation Program are working to produce better-tasting fruits and vegetables. To learn more about the UF/IFAS Plant Innovation Program, please visit RFD-TV’s webpage, or the UF/IFAS Plant Innovation Program’s webpage.

Experts say Florida’s blueberry production may reach 25 million pounds

Florida blueberry production has grown from the niche farmer’s markets and U-pick farms of 20 years ago, to becoming among the top blueberry production states in the nation. Florida’s blueberry production has continued to rise, increasing 14% from 2012 to 2013; industry leaders are expecting an even bigger crop this ... Read More

Mississippi field trials highlight high oleic peanuts

Two years of Mississippi field trials are yielding new potential options for Mississippi peanut growers.  The Florida varieties ‘Florida-07’ and TUFRunner™ ‘727’ are the top contenders to potentially replace the Mississippi standard, ‘Georgia-06G’.  To learn more about the results of these field trials, please visit the Delta Farm Press webpage.